ahomé cloud

A fully integrated self service cloud ready platform for Internet Service Providers to start a sovereign cloud business within 30 days. ahomé cloud is an all-inclusive solution which comes with the automated deployment of a private cloud.

Simple Interface

A user-friendly interface with rich and familiar functionalities.

Sovereign Cloud

Only solution on the market which can enable local cloud in Africa.

Be a cloud provider

Designed to make you become a local cloud provider in easy steps.

Best Priced

We have the best priced solution on the market in Africa, which works.


Built for Internet Service Providers

Start selling your own hosted cloud services. We designed ahomé cloud to automate all the hassles of technology so that you can easily become a local cloud provider in your region.


Minimum requirements to start your private cloud

You provide the equipment that you have and our team of engineers configure your material to be cloud-ready. 

Compute Node

Storage Node

Core Switches

Edge Routers

Internet Connectivity


Become a Cloud Provider

If you wish to test ahomé cloud, we can set up a demo platform hosted in your infrastructure.