Cloud Consulting

From migration  to cloud management, our team of innovators knows how to make cloud work for your business.

We bring the Cloud to you.

We accompany you through your whole cloud journey with expert advice and ensure that all projects are completed successfully.

Cloud Services

We have a fully integrated self-service tool able to deploy your cloud infrastructure and services in a few clicks.

We help you transform your legacy services into cloud native services.

Integrate smoothly new cloud ready services in your service catalogue:

  • Virtual Machines created automatically
  • Automated System monitoring
  • Automated Back up
  • Hosting
  • Applications with database
  • Multi-tier applications

Cloud Consulting

We accompany you through the digital transformation process. And we stay present until complete satisfaction.

Our areas of guidance and expertise cover:  

  • Creation of Technical Integration Plan
  • Infrastructure as Code using tools such as Terraform and Ansible.
  • Configuration management (Ansible, Puppet, Terraform)
  • Container technology (Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift)
  • Agile and Lean methodologies.
  • Construction of deployment pipelines using CI/CD (GitLab, GitLab Runner)
  • Principles and practices of VLANS networking, firewall, TCP/IP).
  • Monitoring, metrics, and logging (ELK, Prometheus, Grafana)
  • Optimization and management of operating systems – Linux/Unix
  • Web Technologies (Nginx)
  • Databases ( PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis)
  • Scripting skills (Bash, Python)


We know critical production environments and assist with the integration of applications.

Our abilities and experience cover:

  • QOS
  • Telephony consulting
  • Cloud apps
  • Monitoring tools – ELK, Grafana, Kibana
  • Back up
  • Platform Openstack, VMWare
  • Vault Security
  • Automation – Ansible/ Terraform
  • GitOps- Ci/CD pipeline

Infrastructure services

We help you develop, design and implement a cloud-ready infrastructure that fits your business needs and unlock your business potential.

You choose your cloud model (Private, Public or Hybrid) and your delivery model (haas, pays, skas), and we handle the rest. 

We can take care of:

  • Networking equipment
  • Server configuration
  • Data Storage
  • Virtualization of resources


We migrate existing applications and data from physical and virtual environments to any public, private, hybrid or multi cloud platform, while ensuring no negative business impact. NO STRESS!

Migration is always a stressful task. We do a clear planification together with you to ensure a foolproof migration. 

Steps for a successful migration:

  1. Assess
  2. Define and Identify
  3. Plan 
  4. Execute


Safety is critical in your cloud journey and is encrypted by default in our software to ensure that data is kept private and safe across your infrastructure, applications, and platforms.

  • Endpoints API via TLS 1.2 (HTTPS by default)
  • Keys, Tokens and Credentials managed by Vault
  • All the sensitive data is encrypted using the Vault.
  • Securing the SPI Service infrastructure (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
  • Integration of DDoS protection, use of Linux netfilter for packet filtering and Firewall
  • VPS instances security using the standard Linux security model to provide isolation and resource control.


We are a team of passionate people, eager to share our knowledge and build up talents. Skills are lacking in our industry and we aim at building up a pool of talents from school.

  • Regular webinars & workshops.​
  • Workshops attendance and presentation
  • An educational blog
  • A learning platform with live practical training.
  • We cover topics mainly around the cloud.

Legal and Data privacy

Standardise your compliance protocols across your clients and offer a more secure service to prevent data leakage and privacy loss in the cloud.


Reduce manual efforts associated with provisioning and managing of cloud workloads with our automation tool, designed to automate the deployment of all cloud models.

Automation engines (Ansible and Terraform) are at the heart of our automation platform ahomé to deploy your cloud model as well as your service catalogue. 

@ Cloud Inspire

We do everything as a service

What matters is the service you wish to offer.

Build all parts of your cloud with one tool from one interface.

Build a private cloud on-prem, public cloud, hybrid cloud or a multi-cloud platform with one tool.

What if your public cloud becomes only a support to your infrastructure. Good-Bye vendor lock-in.

We handle all your cloud deployment models

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud model provides a more customised IT solution that meets specific business requirements.​

Private Cloud

Hosted externally or managed in-house, this model offers a more secure, controlled environment, with an autonomy to customise storage, networking and compute components to suit IT requirements.

Public Cloud

Generally on a pay per use model, this deployment model provides services and infrastructure over the internet to businesses with low IT budgets. Ideal for small and medium businesses and start up companies.


Multicloud is a cloud computing deployment model that enables enterprises to deliver application services across multiple public and private clouds.