Cloud services hosted in Africa

A selection of online office services chosen for local African companies to benefit from sovereign business services at affordable prices.

Tailored for your business

Work from anywhere anytime

ahomé cloud brings cloud business services to African Startups and Small and Medium Enterprises. We offer a collection of proven open source online collaborative tools to operate a professional working space.  

Enjoy the benefits of working from anywhere and anytime.

ahomé cloud - The African Alternative

The African Option

ahomé Cloud is an alternative solution to the mainstream global cloud players and offers customized services for African businesses.

ahomé cloud - affordable prices

Affordable Prices

Tested and proven Open-source solutions at affordable prices for local startups and businesses.

ahomé cloud - Sovereign Business Services

Sovereign Business Services

Our services are hosted in Tier 3 African datacenters, ensuring local sovereignty.

A word from our CEO, Danny Afahounko


Our Availability Zones

Our KVM based virtualization infrastructure, powered by SSD for hosting moderate traffic web servers.

Tier 3 Datacenter - Nigeria- Cloud Inspire

Lagos, Nigeria

Tier 3 Datacenter-South Africa-Cloud Inspire

Johannesburg, South Africa

Tier 3 Datacenter - Tunisia- Cloud Inspire

Tunis, Tunisia

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Our best sellers

ahomé cloud - CRM-ERP


An all in one suite, with access to a range of modules such as CRM & sales, human resource management, Finance & Billing to run your business efficiently.

ahomé cloud - cloud drive

Cloud Drive

Save all your documents, photos, videos and decide who you want to share your files with. Accessible from all types of devices with instant sync.

ahomé cloud - Hosting

Web Hosting

Host your website, blog, applications locally with quick, easy access to your data at cheaper costs.

ahomé cloud- Collaboration Platform

Collaboration Platform

Collaborate with your team online wherever you are. A selection of modules accessible ranging from calendar sharing, web mail, file sharing, tasks list among others.

ahomé cloud- Professional Email

Professional | Business Email

A professional email impacts on your brand image. Move away from a generic public email and improve your company's image online and among your business trade peers.

Communications Platform

Chat with your team, share documents and files, do presentations, create team channels and so much more, all from a private and secured internal space.

Our white label solution

Host your cloud services on your own infrastructure.

You ask, we answer

ahomé cloud for Startup & SMEs in Africa offers a collection of adapted tools and services to have an online office working environment at affordable prices.

In bonus, it is a great solution for companies looking to ensure their data is kept local.

Stay connected. Work from everywhere.

Open source is when the code of a software is designed to be publicly accessible for anyone to see, modify, correct, improve, and distribute. Open-source software is developed in a collaborative way, relying on the community’s continuous input for improvement.

We offer a 30 days money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the services purchased. 

Yes cloud services imply high availability. We operate from tier3 datacenters in Nigeria and South Africa. And all our services have a fall back option in case of any problem in one of our datacenters. 

We have a support team to give you assistance depending on the support plan you have.