Public Cloud vs. Edge Computing: Which one to choose for cost savings, sovereignty and efficiency?

Cloud computing technology is rapidly innovating in recent times. Cloud solutions offer improved operational efficiencies, increased performance, centralized and simplified IT managed, mobility solutions at lower costs. Cloud innovation has touched every region and industry, revolutionizing the way businesses think and operate. The African continent is not excluded. Though Africa was slow to embrace the cloud revolution, it is quickly catching up in recent times.

How can ISPs in Africa play a role in this revolution?

The ISP market in Africa is booming across most of the countries on the continent. The number of ISPs across the countries are multiplying, and all offering similar services, making the market highly competitive. For instance, Statistics from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), showed that at the beginning of the year 2021, there were 65 licensed ISPs with 1,658 Point of Presence (PoPs) spread across the country. And offers for internet services, mobile data and content services are multiplying. And this is a recurrent situation in several countries across the continent.



As such, African telecoms need to look for alternative revenue streams to stay in the competition and gain new market share. Sticking on to traditional internet services would leave Internet Service Providers (ISPs) out of the market within a quick time. Bridging the gap between Internet services and content services is a great opportunity to tap into lucrative revenue streams while building local content and contributing to the local economy.

Picture of Danny AFAHOUNKO


Cloud Architect |
CEO & FOUNDER of Cloud Inspire

Danny has a wide experience in digital transformation, having accompanied many companies in different industries across Africa and France through their cloud journey. Danny is a cloud expert and his objective at Cloud Inspire is to make cloud adoption accessible in Africa. 

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At Cloud Inspire, we are cloud experts and we facilitate the onboarding of African companies onto their cloud journey, fully equipped with an adapted cloud solution called ahomé cloud


ahomé cloud is an alternative cloud solution to the mainstream global players, designed and tailored for African companies. With a guaranteed time to market of 30 days, ahomé cloud is hosted locally in your datacenter, enabling the sovereignty of your services. Moreover, it offers a fully integrated self-service platform (automation, CI/CD pipelines, ecommerce interface, payment gateway, in built security, support) making it the ONLY solution of its kind on the African market.

An alternate Solution for Africa.

Who is it for?

  • Any service provider looking for an affordable customized solution.
  • Any service provider looking for a sovereign cloud solution.
  • Any service provider looking to diversify its product portfolio.
  • Any service provider looking to increase its revenue and market share.

If you want to know more about ahomé Cloud, do not hesitate to book an appointment with us. We are eager to enable companies to become cloud providers in their region. 

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