Build your cloud in 30 Days

ahomé cloud is an alternative cloud solution to the mainstream global players, tailored for African IT & Telcom companies, interested in selling sovereign cloud services.

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Internet Service Providers

Financial institutions


Government Bodies

Private Companies

A complete self service and fully integrated cloud platform.
ahomé cloud features great functionalities, is designed with modern technologies and is an all inclusive solution for ISPs to start selling their own sovereign cloud services in 30 days.

30 Days to start

Start selling cloud services such as VPS, storage, backup solutions, IP addresses, VPN, applications within 30 days.

E-commerce Ready

A complete billing system with several popular payment methods (mobile money, stripe, paypal, DPO)

Scale as you Grow

Allocate a part of your existing equipment to your cloud project, make it work and extend as your business grows.

Fully customisable

Customise your merchant website to your brand. And build your own product catalogue and pricing to answer to your clients' needs.

Our Expertise

Our technological know-how allows us to accompany your business through a smooth digital transformation. We convert your information systems based on your needs, be it private cloud, hybrid cloud or multicloud. 

Grow your Business

We take care of complicated technology configurations and we assist you through the whole cloud adoption process.


Datacenter as a Service
Transform and enable your datacenter services online. Automate your datacenter configurations and resell your services quicker.

Internet Service Providers

Resell services like a Cloud Service Provider. Develop your regional cloud and encourage local companies to keep their data local, accessible and safe with you.

Finance Companies

Bank on secure and scalable managed services while all technicalities are being looked after.

Government services

Consolidate your data in a safe and sovereign cloud infrastructure.

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