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In the digital era, Cloud adoption is paramount for business growth. Discover how taking advantage of the benefits of the Cloud can elevate your business and user experience.

Become a cloud provider in your region in 30 days!

Be a pioneer and bring innovation to your region by offering sovereign cloud services across borders.

Break free from limitations! We bring you a customised turn key solution for a quick time to market, taking away all the troubles of technology and lack of competencies so you can focus on developing your business. 

What would be your key benefits?

Expand your product portfolio

Expand your product portfolio and tap into the growing demand for cloud computing. Attract new customers and generate additional revenue streams beyond traditional internet connectivity services.

Premium pricing

Position yourself as a premium provider, emphasising the added value of data sovereignty, enhanced security, and compliance with local regulations, justifying a premium pricing compared to non-sovereign cloud providers.

Long term Contracts

Benefit from the opportunity to secure long-term contracts by providing sovereign cloud services for enterprises and government bodies that have strict data residency requirements or compliance obligations.

Unleash the power of secure governance

A sovereign cloud strategy across administration services is a priority in today’s geopolitical context. It is becoming increasingly important to safeguard sensitive data, maintain regulatory compliance, enhance national security, exercise greater control over infrastructure and applications, and foster local technological development.

What would be your key benefits?

National Security is
a priority

Enhance national security by ensuring that critical infrastructure and sensitive data remain within the country's borders. This reduces the reliance on foreign cloud providers and minimizes the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access by foreign entities.

Reducing Dependency on Foreign Providers

Moving towards a sovereign cloud model allows a country to reduce its dependency on foreign cloud providers, mitigating the risks associated with geopolitical tensions, changes in regulations, or disruptions in international data transfers.

Resilience and Disaster Recovery

Sovereign cloud infrastructures offer robust redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring continuity of government operations even in the face of natural disasters, cyber threats, or other disruptive events.

Offer secure sovereign financial solutions

Our cloud solution enables a strong and safe financial ecosystem. Keep all your financial and customer data safe within your local infrastructure. Easily test and tool out financial applications in total safety and with a quick time to market. Be compliant. 

What would be your key benefits?

Data Protection

Data protection is a priority for financial institutions as they deal with vast amounts of confidential customer information, including personal and financial data. Our cloud infrastructures are designed with these priorities on top of mind. We ensure adherence to data protection regulations, maintenance of data privacy, and protection against unauthorized access or breaches.

Regulatory Compliance

Our platform is specifically designed to meet all compliance requirements. Confidently store, process, and manage sensitive financial data while maintaining strict compliance standards. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a cloud solution tailored to the needs of financial institutions.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Protect your financial institution from unexpected disruptions with our sovereign cloud solution, offering robust business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities. We understand the criticality of uninterrupted operations in the finance industry and we bring in an automated documentation guaranteeing seamless continuity during unforeseen events.

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